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Knitting Moose

May 1, 2008

I’ll be honest, I still can’t decide.  I still like this site for a lot of reasons, but I also still like my old one.  I’m keeping this up and will someday make a decision!

In the meantime, my About page, On The Needles and Recently Completed (all can be found in the sidebar) are up-to-date.  I still like how easy it is to edit those pages.

That’s it for now!  As always, please visit me here for now:

The Knitting Moose


This is a knitting blog?!

April 18, 2008

So, it appears I’m actually getting a little bit of traffic here!  Whodathunkit?  I think now I need to go hide or delete those goofy, nonsense posts I was writing! 

Anyway, in case you have stopped by, Hi! Thanks for visiting!  And here’s the deal: I’m still deciding whether I want to move my knitting blog over from blogger to here…so in the meantime, please visit me over there at:

The Knitting Moose

Thanks again if you’ve stopped by here!


Getting organized

April 17, 2008

I’m beginning to learn my way around here.  I think I like it.  The only thing I can’t figure out yet is why my comments aren’t getting mailed to me?  I’ll have to figure that out.

But other than that, I think I like it.  Some things are much simpler and easier to use, others, not as much.

Now I’m going to leave myself a comment…one now and then another after I log out.  We’ll see what happens.